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Who We Are

About Altius Link, Inc.

Altius Link is a BPO service provider offering comprehensive solutions, including contact centers and back-office operations, to client companies. We have one of the largest networks in the industry—with over 100 locations in both Japan and the rest of the world—which we utilize together with the know-how, superior service, and technological capabilities made possible by our 58,000 diverse personnel. 


Digital BPO combines high value-added services provided by human operators with the latest digital technologies to design CX for a new era. This allows us to provide even better communication experiences to customers while also helping our client companies to expand and develop their businesses. 


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About KDDI

KDDI is telecommunication service provider in Japan, offering 5G and IoT services to a multitude of individual and corporate customers within and outside Japan through its  “au”, “UQ mobile” and “povo” brands. In the Mid-term Management Strategy (FY23.3–FY25.3), KDDI is promoting the Satellite Growth Strategy to strengthen the 5G-driven evolution of its telecommunications business and the expansion of focus areas centered around telecommunications.


Specifically, KDDI is especially focusing on following five areas: DX (digital transformation), Finance, Energy, LX (life transformation) and Regional Co-Creation. In particular, to promote DX, KDDI is assisting corporate customers in bringing telecommunication into everything through IoT to organize an environment in which customers can enjoy using 5G without being aware of its presence, and in providing business platforms that meet industry-specific needs to support customers in creating businesses.


In addition, KDDI places "sustainability management" that aims to achieve the sustainable growth of society and the enhancement of corporate value together with our partners at the core of the Mid-term Management Strategy.


By harnessing the characteristics of 5G in order to bring about an evolution of the power to connect, KDDI is working toward an era of the creation of new value.


About Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s most diversified general trading, investment and service enterprises, with interests in Iron & Steel Products, Mineral & Metal Resources, Energy, Infrastructure Projects, Mobility, Chemicals, Food, Food & Retail Management, Wellness, IT & Communication Business, and Corporate Development Business. Mitsui operates 128 offices across 63 countries/regions (as of April 1, 2023), utilizing its global operating locations, networks, and information resources to multilaterally pursue business.


Mitsui & Co., Ltd. holds no direct shares in Inspiro but owns 49% of Altius Link, Inc.

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About Infocom

Infocom Technologies is a Philippine-based CX management specialist with over two decades of experience. Our dedicated team of 4,800 CX experts is strategically located across four delivery centers: Makati City, Quezon City, and Dumaguete. We combine strategy, people, innovation, and analytics with a steadfast commitment to your company’s success.


Throughout our extensive journey, collaborating with prominent brands within the Philippines, our next-generation CX solutions transcend mere customer satisfaction; they play a pivotal role in cultivating enduring loyalty among you, your customers, and the broader community we serve. 


Altius Link, Inc., a synergistic partnership between Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and KDDI Corporation, owns Infocom Technologies. This new company combines KDDI Evolva and Relia’s expertise in contact centers, back-office operations, and information technology to create Japan’s largest contact center by sales value. Altius Link aims to become a leading digital BPO and trusted partner to companies globally.

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