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Surpassing Customer Service Goals for the Philippines' Largest Telco Provider

To support the Client’s service level targets and business continuity efforts, Infocom upskilled its workforce to handle multiple transaction types.

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30% improvement in service levels

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Reduction in buyer’s remorse rate to less than 3%

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Client recognized as the most accommodating company in social media

The Philippines’ largest telco provider with over 78 million* subscribers needed a partner to meet its service level targets, boost social media presence, and improve overall business continuity efforts.

How We Delivered

As the Client’s most diversified partner, and sole vendor to offer the flagship campaigns and online sales, Infocom centered on continuous improvement efforts as we:

• Pioneered online services to support client’s Email, Twitter, and Facebook channels
• Upskilled 80% of its agents to manage multiple transaction types
• Spearheaded a multi-dialect, regionalized approach for outbound sales calls
• Introduced multiple levels of quality control in the sales validation process
• Distributed service delivery across three sites to improve business continuity


• Improved Service levels by 30%
• Reduced buyer’s remorse rate to less than 3%
• Sustained zero downtimes year-to-date
• Recognized as the Most Accommodating Company in Social Media

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