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Augmenting Business Continuity Efforts for the Philippines’ Largest Telco Provider

Infocom distributed its service delivery across three sites to support the client’s business continuity efforts.

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97% Service Reliability

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30% Improvement in Service Levels

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Top-notch service delivery with zero downtimes

The Client, a major telco provider in the Philippines, was looking to build up their business continuity plan by establishing a dedicated disaster recovery site to ensure business continuity in disruptive times.

How We Delivered

To ensure that their business goes uninterrupted, Infocom:

• Established a dedicated disaster recovery site to cover 50% of customer support operations
• Distributed service delivery across three major sites for steady service even in disruptive times
• Upskilled 80% of its workforce to manage multiple transaction types
• Streamlined training processes and introduced sales science in the agenda


• Achieved 97% service reliability due to dedicated recovery site
• Practically zero downtimes year-to-date
• Improved service level by 30%
• Exceeded retention rate goal by 5%
• Generated USD 13.7 M collections revenue despite the pandemic

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